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One of the most frequent questions I get is: “How do you put a TV commercial on local TV?”

It’s really a two-part process: first you have to make a TV commercial, the second part is to buy time on a local TV station or cable TV system.


To make a commercial you need to shoot it in good enough quality to be accepted by the TV stations and cable TV companies. It needs to be on a professional video format. But beyond that, to be successful, it needs to be compelling enough to get people to remember it when they’re ready to buy whatever you’re selling.

Most local companies don’t have enough money to pay for a professional crew to show up at their place of business. And even when they do, you need to have a message that resonates with viewers - making an effective TV commercial involves more than just waving a camera around in your place of business.  

How Do You Put A TV Commercial On Local TV?

By Jeff Neill

“I just wanted to thank you for the work you did. You were very efficient, helpful and professional. The video is a great on line commercial for starters. I will definitely be asking for more videos in the near future.”
Rahul Kapoor
CEO, Care Touch Home Care, Inc.
“WOW!! The advertisement and your service is AMAZING! I found your site by chance on the Internet. The advertisement looks great!”
Reneè Everett
Christian Business Expo
“Jeff Neill and his company, JN Productions did a great job for us at a reasonable price. Jeff was easy to work with and very efficient. I will be using his company many more times in the future. I highly recommend Jeff and his company.”
Carl Richards
President, Amazing Freedom Tubs
“We have been getting great reviews on the TV ad you did for us! Thank you so much - your prices are reasonable and your service is great!”
El Parker
Icey Hut

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Make A TV Commercial for Your Business: Part II Demographics

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Low Cost TV Ads: Why are they so cheap?

Why so cheap? How can they look so good? It’s my process. I always start with an original script and work from it. I use professional stock footage from my library and professional graphics from a couple of great software packages. I provide you with an upload link to upload your own stills, video, and logos. I use nationally-heard professional narrators and then I add royalty-free music. I personally edit your ad together to make it look as great as I possibly can. After it’s finished, I send you a Windows Media version for your social media uses, such as Youtube and Facebook. I also send you a Quicktime version for your own files and I send a broadcast version to one TV broadcast station, cable TV station or network of your choice.  More...

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