Low Cost TV Ads - Why Are They So Cheap?

I understand you need a firm price and I do my best to be up front about pricing and never give you any surprises.


You can create some extra costs if you add things that are not included in the basic pricing, such as:

- Sending the ad to additional TV stations

- Adding additional services such as a spokesperson, shooting with a video crew, adding a custom jingle, adding 2D or 3D animation or some other service not covered in the original, basic packages.


You also may create an additional charge if you change your ad after you give me a final approval. For example, if you give me a final approval on a script that I send to one of the narrators and then change it after they read it, they will charge us to read it again with new changes. That’s why I usually do the narration for your 1st Approval Version - that way you can hear it before we send it to one of the other narrators - and if you just like my narration (a lot of clients do), of course I’ll do changes in the narration for you without additional cost.


I also limit the number changes after you get your 1st Approval Version of your ad to four rounds of changes. That should give anyone ample opportunity to change their ad to get it as they would like it.  

It’s my PROCESS:

1. An original script created just for you

2. Professional Broadcast quality Stock Footage

3. Professional Graphics

4. Your Stills, Video, and Graphics

5. Professional Narration

6. Royalty-Free Music

7. All edited and overseen by me personally

Are there any additional or hidden costs?

Why so cheap? How can they look so good? It’s my process. I always start with an original script and work from it. I use professional stock footage from my library and professional graphics from a couple of great software packages. I provide you with an upload link to upload your own stills, video, and logos. I use nationally heard professional narrators and then I add royalty-free music. I personally edit your ad together to make it look as great as I possibly can.  After it’s finished, I send you a Windows Media version for your social media uses, such as Youtube and Facebook. I also send you a Quicktime version for your own files and I send a broadcast version to one TV broadcast station, cable TV station or network of your choice.