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After making payment, the first step in the process of making your TV Commercial is the script. Due to the costs involved in translating and voicing Spanish language commercials, we ask for payment in advance before starting on your script and online demo.

Typically, it works like this:

  1. We send you an email with your script attached in English. As soon as we hear back from you with approval, or changes to your script, we have your script translated to Spanish. We then begin work on your online demo. We will also send instructions for sending logo, picture, and video files to us, if necessary.
  2. We send you an email with a link for viewing your demo.
  3. You view the demo and let us know if you have any changes.
  4. We email you that your changes are within the price range of the approved script. (If your changes raise the cost, we let you know so that you can make a decision before paying the balance due. This is rare, since we ask you to approve a script before starting on your demo). Keep in mind that changes to the script that require the narrator to re-read the commercial will result in additional charges.
  5. We complete the commercial and send you an email with the final version for your approval. Completion time is typically 1-5 days.
  6. Upon your approval, we send the commercial to you in Windows Media, QuickTime format, and to the cable or TV station where you are running your spots.

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Spanish Language TV Commercials

Payment is due in advance for Spanish language TV Commercials

Spot Options
Purchase 1 SD :30 Spanish language spot- $620
Purchase 1 HD :30 Spanish language spot-$800
Purchase 1 SD :60 spot- $1,130
Purchase 1 HD :60 spot-$1,315