The Videographer Awards 2012 “Dallas CPA Society: Welcome To Dallas”, Meeting Open/Close

The Videographer Awards 2010 “Prospect Airport Services: You Make The Difference”, training.

The Videographer Awards 2010 “ Dallas CPA Society: Leadership Development Academy” informational.

Outdoor Canada Magazine, 2005, “Lake Fork Tackle Repair - Reel Maintenance”, Best Training Video.

The Communicator Awards, 2004, “The Center for Christian Education”, fundraising

The Videographer Awards 2003, “The IPM Service Specialist”, training.

The Communicator Awards 2002, “When Words Are Not Enough”, original drama.

The Communicator Awards 2002, “Good Documentation Practices”, training.

The Videographer Awards 2002, “When Words are Not Enough - Good Documentation Practices” drama

The Communicator Awards 2002, “The IPM Service Specialist”, training.

The Videographer Awards 2001 “Physical Pest Management Practices, training.

Videographer Awards 2000 “A Matter of Life and Death”, original drama.

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